Thursday, February 3, 2011

Phase II Has Begun

Today was the beginning of Phase II. We woke up and did chest, shoulders & triceps. Since it was the first time for us doing the work out, we both felt we didn't do a great job of pushing ourselves. We had to figure out the moves and by the time we did, it was time to move on. Tomorrow is plyometrics. I'm a little excited. I know the work out, and it's cardio based...more my style. I'd rather do cardio than upper body strength.

So in case you were wondering who got up to do Yoga...I'm proud to say it was me. I did it & it wasn't that bad. I think having to listen to Joe grunt through Yoga messes with my Chakras.

Another fun pic of Joe...taken while working his triceps. Don't be alarmed, the stains on the carpet next to him are not from him puking. If I were to bet, I'd say the stains were made by one of our wonderful offsping(s).


  1. Joe, when are you going to learn to hide that camera from Val??

  2. Leave the poor guy alone!!

  3. Ok...I didn't realize your blog was ONLY about Joe and working out. I have a feeling that you don't have many followers because no one really wants to read about OTHER people exercising! (LOL) I felt pretty good tonight and after reading about BOTH of you working out I now feel pretty crappy about myself and I'm really wanting another piece of that cherry pie!! I think you should blog about the offspring in your life and of course concert Val...

  4. please, go to my blog: