Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's official...P90X training has begun!

5:30 a.m. hubby and I promptly go downstairs. Excitement and nerves are noticeable. We're excited at the thought of being in shape like the people on the dvd but nervous because of all the horror stories we've heard. I've been told we'll want to throw up, we'll be swearing at the T.V. and worst- we won't finish. The competitor in me swears that I'll finish. If I can survive a root canal and birth 4 kids, I can do P90x.

We start video #1: Upper body. Unfortunately, 34 minutes into it, I'm forced to stop because of two of those kids I birthed. One woke up screaming with a stomach ache. Her screaming woke another...both calling for me. My P90X for the morning is over. I'm so pissed that I woke up for nothing! My upper body workout now consists of carrying 60 lbs. of kids downstairs.

We go downstairs so they can "cheer on" their daddy. As we're cheering them on, I'm beginning to think the kids waking up was great luck on my part. We watch Joe do push ups & chin ups over and over again until he looks like he's going to pass out. Between the swearing and the looking like he's going to die, I begin to realize, this is not suitable for my girls to watch. We go upstairs and leave Joe to finish alone. He finally makes it upstairs, although I'm not sure how much more P90x he actually did after we left. For all I know, he could have been playing with the new zhu zhu pet house. After all, we did hear allot of weird noises coming from the basement.

My assessment of today is that this is no's tough stuff. But I'm hoping I'm tougher. Tomorrow is poly metrics. I'm not sure what this is...but Joe says he did it in football and he's scared. (He won't admit this...but I swear he's shitting himself just thinking about it.)

Joe's assessment of today: "It sucked. This sucks. I hate this." (By the way- this might be a good time to mention his new year's resolution is to be more positive. As you can see, He's doing so great with that!)

1 day down, 89 more to go!!

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