Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phase I Complete

We did it! We officially completed Phase I of P90x. Three weeks of waking up early and working out. Twenty-one days of me yelling to Joe that he better get out of bed because this was his idea. Three weeks of putting up with Joe's early morning bad mood. Three weeks of limping around comparing notes of who is sore and where...

Speaking of sore- I can't believe that when I did Kenpo this morning, my legs were sore from the previous days work out. WHEN DOES THE SORENESS END???? Apparently I was mistaken when I thought after a few days, our bodies will adjust and it we wouldn't be sore. I guess I pushed myself harder than I thought during the Legs & Back work out on Monday.

I'm so excited to rest tomorrow and then enter 1 week of the "recovery and ab focus." I'm so pumped I looked to see what our next work out will be on Thursday. According to Tony, we're starting off with Yoga. ?&$##?? What the heck?? I think this is punishment since Yoga has been the only work out Joe and I consistently skipped. So now we get to spend our first day of "recovery" stretching our body into crazy positions for 1 1/2 hours. Obviously Tony and my definition of "recovery" are different. My idea of recovery is sitting with a Sam Adams eating a buffalo chicken pizza. Tree pose, frog pose and 5,000 downward dog poses should not be considered recovery.



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