Monday, January 24, 2011

Livin' on a Prayer

Today was a slow go. It was hard for Joe and I to push ourselves. For some reason, we were both dragging. We woke up and did the work out - we just didn't kill ourselves doing it. You know Joe is dragging when Claire wakes up and Joe VOLUNTEERS to stop the work out to change her diaper. We need to step up our game for Kempo tomorrow. No more wimpy work outs. We need to turn this around!!

As I write this, Joe is sleeping on the sofa. He's been sleeping since 8:30!!! Surely he can't be so tired from this morning's workout?? Seeing him sleeping at 8:30 isn't as funny as it used to be for me. This means I had to put all the kids to sleep by myself. With no help. At all. Lucky for Joe I'm writing this while catching up on my DVR episodes of Oprah. In this episode, Bon Jovi is singing "Living on a Prayer" while in Australia...all is forgiven. Can't help but smile when I hear that song. Maybe with a little prayer- we'll be able to "bring it" tomorrow morning!

Oprah just mentioned Bon Jovi, at age 48, was named one of the sexiest men by People magazine. Hmmm. People magazine must not have seen my sexy husband asleep in the family room at 8:30. Bon Jovi's got nothin' on my man and I've got a picture to prove it...

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