Monday, January 17, 2011

Why it's worth getting up at 5:15

I can say I like getting up to work out because of the health benefits or because I like a challenge. Those reasons would be true, however, there is something even better. So far, the best reason to get out of bed is that I get to do this work out with Joe. Not because we get to be all sweet and lovey dovey in the morning but because I get to LMAO at with him. Today, the laughter came in the form of a "rip." Twenty minute into Legs & back I heard the unmistakable sound of pants ripping. Next, I heard Joe say, "I can't believe I ripped my pants." I can vouch that he did all his squats for the next 30 minutes because I had a nice hairy view!!! Tomorrow marks the last work out of week two. Hope we can continue at this pace...minus the pants ripping!
**Photo courtesy of "Photobucket"

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  1. You go Joe! I am so proud of you! I'm sure Val's pictures don't do you justice!