Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let's Play "Who Said it"

Ahhh...Saturday. The day most people choose to sleep in. We had a decision to make last night. Do we sleep in and try and do the next work out when the kids are awake, or do we get up earlier and do it while they are sleeping? Since 2 kids were up 6:30 we chose to do it while they were awake. We woke the oldest up to help watch the younger kids while we did shoulder's bi's and tri's. Compared to plyometrics, this wasn't so bad. Although, when I just asked Joe "Which DVD did we do today" he responded- "can't you tell by what muscles are sore!" I thought that was funny. Lately, I've been finding a lot of what he's saying funny. So, I thought it would be fun to play a game of "who said it." Below is a series of quotes that have been spoken in our house the last 3 days. Can you guess who said what?

"You're not allowed to be happy in the morning." (Joe to me while we're waking up.)
"Stop talking to me." (Joe to me as we're walking downstairs to begin the work out.)
"Shut up." (Joe while I tried to talk during our work out. Excuuuuse me if I can speak but he can't because he's too winded.)
"I'm so sore I can't sit down to take a dump." (Joe. Obviously.)
"Go upstairs and leave us alone." (Joe to the kids this morning. Poor kids just wanted to cheer him on.)
"I just made the kids oatmeal and cleaned up breakfast." (The oldest child basically telling her P90X obsessed parents that we are neglecting our children.)
"I don't want to do abs." (Me telling Joe that we should probably stop- I've had enough and the kids are getting restless.)
"Come on...let's do it!!" (Joe telling me we should do abs.)
"Mom, look at this picture I took of you today." (Frankie- showing me a picture of me doing abs while Joe is behind me sitting NOT doing abs!!!!) ....To his defense- he did really do abs...maybe he just stopped early. But you never know..
"How bad can Yoga be?" (Val...1 day before trying Yoga.)

Tomorrow is Yoga. I guess I'll find out how bad it can be. Hopefully I can survive enough to write about it and share a picture or two!

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