Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Six in Six

Wow! We have officially completed six work outs in six days. Joe is more excited about tomorrow's day off than if the Browns won the super bowl! We're like God- we worked hard for 6 days and now- we get to rest!

Yesterday was legs & back - pretty uneventful. Although I didn't think yesterday was too difficult, it must have been because today we had a hard time getting out of bed. Lucky for us, Claire thought 5:15 was the perfect time to wake up and party. Good thing we had that 4th so she could wake us up at the crack of dawn. We had no choice but to do our "Kempo" work out with Claire by our side, cheering us on staring at us like we were crazy. I was a little concerned that Joe was going to accidentally "kung fu" kick her, but he did well controlling his flailing legs. Claire was a little concerned over why daddy was all wet and panting. A few times she laughed at him, thinking this was a funny game. Funny yes- but this is no game. It's P90X, BABY- WE DO OUR BEST AND FORGET THE REST!!! YEAH! WE'RE PUMPED! WE'RE BRAINWASHED! WE'RE INTO IT! (Or maybe not and I'm just as giddy as Joe that we have a day off tomorrow!!!)see ya later!!!

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  1. You go Claire Bear!! Kick Daddy's butt!